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Can Buddy Bars help me exercise?

Oh yes!! “Sit-to-stand” is one of the most impactful exercises you can do and is often recommended by professional caregivers. Try starting with a few up-down movements and then see how quickly you can increase them and build up your strength and balance.

Could my wheelchair or commode move or tip when I use my Buddy Bars?

Buddy Bars are designed to support you when you pull on them to stand up and to balance. They are not designed to be hung from or carry your whole weight independent of the wheelchair or commode. Always lock you wheels, have them facing the rear first and if using a commode, it should be strapped correctly as with normal applications. We understand that accidents can happen and ask all users to use appropriate cautions when performing any transfers.

 Can I run into things when my Buddy Bar is extended?

Buddy Bar has been designed to fit neatly in line with the wheelchair arm rest. When fully deployed, they should only extend as far as the elevated leg rest, which is less than 12 inches in front of the seat. We recommend only extending them when needed attached to a wheelchair. 

What about shoulder-joint integrity and the risk of injury when using Buddy Bars?

Buddy Bars engages your larger muscle groups and reduces the strain on your arm and shoulder muscles. By grabbing the grip handles, gently rocking forward, and pulling down, in one continuous movement, you are able to easily stand upright with far less impact on your body.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain before using Buddy Bar, consult with a medical professional first to ensure you are not aggravating a previous injury.

Once I am upright, how do I transfer to another surface?

If you have trouble transferring, you should always have your caregiver next to you to support you. Typically, a user will transfer to a walker. In this case, you place one hand on the nearby walker while holding onto the other Buddy Bar to keep your balance. Once you have a hand securely on the walker, you can release the other hand and place it on the other handle of the walker. Then push off and on to your destination!

Do I need to take special care when storing my wheelchair when my Buddy Bars are installed?

Yes! Buddy Bars are not designed to take the load of a wheelchair. The fixing brackets can bend if overloaded. To prevent bending eg. by snagging of the grip handlebars or lifting the full wheelchair weight by a bar, it is important to REMOVE THE GRIP HANDLE BAR FROM THE EXTENSION BAR before loading/unloading into a vehicle or other constrained or clutter storage space. Do not load the Buddy Bars with heavy goods or equipment.

If the brackets bend, DO NOT USE YOUR BUDDY BAR. The product should be returned to the place of purchase or contact your DME, caregiver or send us a note  to have your Buddy Bars replaced.   

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